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As long as this issue doesn`t contradict Air Force laws, the legal office can help airmen navigate the mountain of confusing local, state, and federal laws. All basic lawyers have a law degree and have valid legal references, just like a civil lawyer, while providing their services to pilots at no cost. The duties of the legal department of 27 Special Operations Wing include a variety of legal issues that ensure that the rights of each aircraft are preserved. “In college, I worked for my sister, who is a partner at a family law firm in Albuquerque,” Navarro said. “During law school, I articled as a second lieutenant in the legal office at Scott Air Force Base. Before becoming ADC, I was a prosecutor at Keesler Air Force Base for several years. If you notice that a number is missing or incorrect, please contact the Public Affairs Office at 575-784-4131. According to the Air Force`s official website, the law firm will provide key legal advisors at every stage of the process, from process preparation to post-trial actions. Throughout this period and beyond, lawyers are bound by their confidentiality agreement.

“Sometimes the basic population has misconceptions about privacy rights when they share information with lawyers at the law firm,” Carter explained. “There is 100% confidentiality between lawyers. From an ethical point of view, they can be excluded because they discuss private matters, and they could also be expelled from the army. “I`ve been with Cannon for a little over two months and it`s very rewarding to be a defensive paralegal,” said Armstrong. “As security guards, you only have the beginning and the end of a case. If you think of a sandwich, the security guards basically get the bread – I wanted the meat and cheese! In other words, I wanted to be involved in what happened, whether it was in the prosecution or defense of a case. He couldn`t do his job properly without his paralegal, Staff Sergeant Leah Armstrong. Together, they form the team that runs the so-called Area Defense Counsel. “Any other office or entity on the base that provides services to airmen owes the U.S. Air Force a duty of loyalty at the end of the day,” Navarro said. “CDA`s only duty, on the other hand, is to represent airmen and it alone in an ethical and enthusiastic manner.

Like a chaplain, conversations with our clients are completely confidential. The legal department, which consists of both paralegals and court officials, deals with issues as small as cable surcharges or as important as sexual assault litigation. When pamphlets are subject to corrective or disciplinary action, it is often a blur of confusion as to what to do next. Their initial reaction in these situations has a profound impact on how the outcome of this situation will develop, which Navarro has learned from his years of experience in the legal department. Captain Alexander Navarro and Staff Sergeant Leah Armstrong form the Area Defense Attorney for the Air Force Legal Operations Agency at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico. Navarro was hired by the Reserve Officer Training Corps and has legal experience outside the military. Armstrong trained in the security forces and earned his bachelor`s degree in criminal justice. Together, they use their combined knowledge of the justice system, how to deal with airmen, and the passion they share to defend airmen. (U.S.

Air Force photo by Senior Aviator Lane T. Plummer) If planes need to speak to CDA, they can go to their office during normal working hours Monday through Thursday, but only visit on Fridays by appointment. For serious cases, Navarro said, or when the Office of Special Investigations starts asking questions, each CDA member will always take the time to meet with the person being examined. Navarro was commissioned by the Reserve Officer Training Corps and was allowed to bow to his active duty to attend law school, a stark contrast to the majority of JAG officers currently in the Air Force. Now the experienced captain has been with Cannon for over a year. His current partner in his office, Armstrong, has had a different background than the aDC office. “We provide legal advice for everything from rebutting the letter of notice to extrajudicial punishment under Section 15 to defending airmen before the court martial,” Navarro said. For more information on the base`s legal affairs, airmen should visit their basic law firm. The Judge Advocate General`s corps, supervisor of all Air Force advocates, has a vision of disciplined and legally qualified airmen and air force organizations enforcing the law to advance the mission.

What they provide to military personnel is something that no other office in the Department of Defense can give. However, regardless of their severity, airmen should feel safe knowing that they will receive the most impartial and experienced protection when requesting assistance from CDA. Medic Rodeo 2022: Advanced medical training throughout the Air Force. Theft of military personnel………… 575-784-4933. A leg-shaped end for a not-so-quiet Furr-Fessional Together, the two combined their experience and passion in their professional field to support Cannon`s aviators. Captain Alexander Navarro, an area defense attorney with the Air Force`s Legal Operations Agency, has a knack for keeping things simple for his clients, and so he starts every case with those who come to him. Maintenance of fire engines……………

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